Aaron Li-Hill is Canadian artist who is currently based out of Brooklyn. His incredibly diverse upbringing reflects his career. He has Australian, Polish, Canadian and Chinese origins, and was brought up in both downtown Toronto and California. His works vary dramatically by scale, medium and subject, which makes him a notable emerging artist in the world of street art. While pursuing a Bachelor of fine Arts from OCAD; one of the most comprehensive art, design and media universities in Canada, he found a passion for mural work and Graffiti. He has collaborated on international shows in Australia, Thailand, Mexico and China. 



One of the most fascinating parts of Li-Hill’s work are his multi-faceted subjects who guide the audience’s eye towards something greater and external. The dynamic movement creates episodic scenes that are similar to a sequence of successively shot photographs, or a flip book. The result is the illusion of a single subject entangled in paradoxes that are both self-imposed and conditional. 

 His greatest inspiration has been the conflict between the individual and society. This evolving world demands constant reinvention of one’s self and environment. This has become a necessity of survival, but is growing at such a fast pace in a consumerist driven society, that the internal and external balances of the world are constantly being disrupted. This leaves us in a constant scramble to keep up- a sense that is clearly evoked in Li-Hill’s artwork. 

 His formal training in graphic design, illustration, painting and sculpture, as well has his informal fascination with literature, travel and film has shaped his artistic manifesto. He works with walls, multi-layered recycled materials as well as conventional canvases. Through the manipulation of light and medium, he able to create distinctive pieces. NextStreet gallery is honored to have a working relationship with Li-Hill, and is proud to present several of his pieces which are currently on display. 


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