Urban Show with Nuno Viegas, Aaron Li Hill, Drew Merritt, Kurar & Vera Kochubey
to Apr 6

Urban Show with Nuno Viegas, Aaron Li Hill, Drew Merritt, Kurar & Vera Kochubey


Urban Show

From March 21st to April 6th, 2019

NextStreet Gallery presents an art show that captures an integral part of our modern moment: Urban Show. Opening on March 21, and running until April 6, this group exhibition highlights the work of 5 artists from around the world- working on shaping our global perception of street art. None of the artists shy away from bringing their personal contexts to the work. 

The variation of mediums and styles demonstrate an evolving definition of urbanity. Each artist focuses on the intersection of their subcultures; whether it be through the hip hop world, LGBTQ community or other cultural minorities. Our exhibition creates a global framework allowing urban art lovers to have a broader vision of the scope of street art. 

Each artist focuses on different approaches we can take as a community to move forward. Kurar, for example, tackles the socio-political challenges of this moment by evaluating our origins as a society. His theory is that we might be able to resolve injustice through awareness. This is beautifully in dialogue with Nuno Viegas, who suggests that perhaps the solution to the rapid acceleration of society is focusing on the simple, but powerful. He exquisitely balances the modern and classic world through focusing on the essential through-lines that have existed throughout history. 

By contrast, Drew Merritt focuses on evoking change through the emotional reaction of the onlooker- a complex experience that is justly represented in his extremely detailed work. Aaron Li-Hill, on a similar vein, is fascinated by information saturation and the future of industrialisation through creating large scale mural work. Vera Kochubey investigates the psychology of industry and our growing world. These different perspectives not only compliment, but also build off of each other. The points of intersection between the five artists creates a show that functions as an active dialogue.

We are excited to welcome the audience into our space to continue this discussion about the future of culture through the lens of street art.

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RETRO I Solo Show
to Dec 13

RETRO I Solo Show

NextStreet Lab présente un solo show exclusif de l'artiste Retro, à Paris au 23 rue des Tournelles le 4 octobre 2018.

Retro utilise les traits, lignes, ronds et carrés, des éléments figuratifs et des objets futuristes pour nous plonger dans son monde fantaisiste et dans sa folie. Cet artiste français jongle entre graffitisme et futurisme, allie un style épuré à une grande sophistication pour offrir au spectateur un spectacle de couleurs et d'anachronismes. 

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SUBVERSION I Group Show curated by Tax Collection with Pure Evil, Dromsjel, Ben is Right, Sage Barnes, Joe Suzuki & CB Hoyo
to Nov 3

SUBVERSION I Group Show curated by Tax Collection with Pure Evil, Dromsjel, Ben is Right, Sage Barnes, Joe Suzuki & CB Hoyo

NextStreet Gallery et Tax Collection s'associent pour organiser un événement exceptionnel à Paris, le 20 octobre, 23 Place des Vosges à partir de 19h. 

L'exposition s'articule autour de six figures incontournables de la scène contemporaine. 

x Pure Evil

x Dromsjel

x Ben Is Right (Ben Evans)

x Sage Barnes

x Joe Suzuki

x CB Hoyo

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to Oct 18


NextStreet Gallery présente l'exposition exceptionnelle : "De pôle en pôle : un monde qui disparaît" par Sebastian Copeland.

Le photographe et explorateur Sebastian Copeland lance un cri d'alarme à travers cette exposition sur la fonte programmée des glaces. De pôle en pôle raconte l'histoire d'une traversée de l'Arctique à l'Antarctique, qui plonge le spectateur dans un univers immaculé et qui tend à disparaître. 

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Lula Goce I Solo Show
to Sep 20

Lula Goce I Solo Show

NextStreet Lab will be holding for the first time in Paris a solo show of the young emerging Galician artist Lula Goce.

Come to discover the newest art of this very talented street artist on September 6th in 23 Rue des Tournelles, Paris, from 7pm, with the presence of the artist.

You all will be very welcome!

NextStreet Lab consacre une exposition exclusive à la jeune artiste espagnole Lula Goce.

Venez découvrir cette talentueuse artiste le 6 septembre 2018, 23 Rue des Tournelles à Paris, à partir de 19h, avec la présence de l’artiste.

Nous vous attendons nombreux ! 

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Hama Woods |  "Taking over"
to Jul 1

Hama Woods | "Taking over"

NextStreet Gallery present the first Solo Show in Paris of Hama Woods.

Hama Woods is a stencil artist, based in Oslo.

Her work demonstrates a reverence for nature and its immediate connection to humanity.In a search for methods to communicate the importance and revival of nature,

Hama Woods stencils intuitively reflects and focuses on a sociological approach to greed and human consumption and its direct effect on our natural environment.

Her works are characterized by the use of hand cut, multi-layered stencils witch are applied by spray paint and gradually taking root in public and private spaces in and around Oslo. Her hope is to empower and challenge viewers to come to their own conclusions and to rethink the choices they make which effect today and tomorrow.

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Isabelle Scheltjens | "Chic in the City"
to Jun 6

Isabelle Scheltjens | "Chic in the City"

Nextstreet Gallery is pleased to present the first solo show in Paris of the artist Isabelle Scheltjens.

For this occasion the artist will be present at the opening where exclusives pieces will be released.

Since the beginning of her work, Isabelle Scheltjens never stopped highlighting the feminine beauty, combining grace, innocence and glamour. Using glass pieces as a painter's palette, the artist proposes for this exhibition severals portraits representing the classical Parisian style.

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