E.L.K aka Luke Cornish



🖍 Luke Cornish’s aptitude towards creativity was inherent from an early age. Originally from Canberra, and now living and working in Sydney, Cornish is known in the urban art world by his moniker, ELK. 

Incorporating his background in urban contemporary art, Cornish traverses the expansiveness of the street environment, adapting his practice to more artistically controlled materials such as canvas, aluminium, board and glass. Cornish’s practice is meticulous. Each of his artworks are constructed from up to 1,000 sheets of acetate stencils and up to 243 different colours of layered aerosol paint, until they take on a photographic realism.

Cornish’s oeuvre reads like a journal - each artwork a representation of either a first-hand experience or part of a broader narrative intent on capturing the human spirit. His documentary and activist artworks capture the social and political issues relevant to the macrocosm of our time and function as visual statements of war, portraying individuals directly affected by it.

Over the last ten years Cornish has continued to refine his craft. Striving to push the limits of his medium and explore the universal power of street art, he has made multiple visits to Syria, Lebanon and more recently, Iran. In early 2017 he co-founded the 'For Syrias Children' Charity organisation, which works in conjunction with Non-Government Organisations on the ground in Syria, raising much needed funds for Syrian children affected by conflict. In addition to this, he has received numerous awards for his art and charity work.

Cornish has exhibited his work in both capital and regional cities in Australia, and in major international cultural centres – Paris, London, Rome, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. 

Luke Cornish’s work is held in important public and private collections, both in Australia and Internationally. 


🖍 L’aptitude artistique de Luke Cornish c’est manifesté dès son plus jeune âge. Originaire de Canberra mais actuellement vivant à Sydney, Cornish est connu dans la sphère de l’art urbain sous le pseudonyme de E.L.K.

Cornish adapte son art au spectrum de l’art urbain et à son environnement, peignant sur la toile, l’aluminium ou le verre. Sa technique est méticuleuse. Chacune de ses oeuvres consistent en une multitude de couches de peintures à l’aérosol composée par jusqu’à 1000 pochoirs en acétate et 243 couleurs différentes, pour former une photographie réaliste.

Les oeuvres de Cornish se lisent comme un roman, elles sont le récit de l’expérience personnelle de l’artiste ou celui plus large visant à capturer l’état d’esprit de l’homme.

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