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Bruno Big

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Bruno Carneiro Mosciaro, Bruno Big, is a designer and visual artist graduated in Visual Communication at PUC – Rio.

Carioca, born in 1980, Big is a multidisciplinary artist. Adora researching different techniques and that most enchants are primitive as printmaking, pottery, stencil, woodcut, among others. Bruno Big moves in various media and works a lot with contemporary techniques such as graffiti, digital illustration and experimental printmaking. He lives in constant exchange with students in workshops minister next to the teacher and artist Thereza Miranda, Department of Art and Design at PUC. – Rio began teaching in the stencil workshop and currently teaches the engraving workshops with Thereza.

In 2002, he founded his own graphic design studio and served as partner, designer and art director. He traveled to Europe to study and was in Barcelona, pain, which was installed in 2006. As this city breathes art, Bruno Big could develop quite your artistic side by performing various experiments in the streets and in the studio. On the streets, he began working with stencil and then began working freehand with graffiti. And in the studio, he had a profound experience working for months with the artist Nuria Duran. The result of this work was his first solo exhibition, the « Recorded Experimental ». Also in Barcelona, e participated for the first time in an international event: the « diffuser », an international meeting of stencil.

Back to Rio de Janeiro, Bruno Big worked as an art curator in Homegrown Gallery in Ipanema for 5 years and has always remained present in the carioca scene developing projects in partnership with other artists, participating in various projects and constantly staying active in streets. In 2010, he participated in the « Plant » project with other Brazilian and French artists where together painted UTE, Thermoelectric Power Plant of Macae, in Rio de Janeiro. This project resulted in a book and a documentary.

bio2He participated twice the Festival Paris Hip Hop in 2010 and in 2012 in France. It was through the French Alliance in 2010, Big had the opportunity to go to Paris to participate in this festival and make an artist residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts. When he returned to Paris in 2012, also participated in two group exhibitions at the Opera Gallery, the « Graff the Peace » and « Masters of Street Art », alongside big names in street art world. In 2013, he painted a panel for the project « Mile of Murals » in Chicago. And in 2014, he painted a large wall along with other Brazilian artists in Wynwood, Miami, during the show Art Basel, the world known.

Big Bruno has developed set designs, customizations, panel paintings, facades and shops, illustrations, prints, arts for vignettes and more. Many of these jobs were created for campaigns and brands such as Coca-Cola, Farm, Brazil Canal, RedBull, Rider, Nike and others. With Nike, Big has a long-standing partnership. He has developed many projects and products for the brand. One of the most important was a series of exclusive illustrations for the official shirt of the Brazilian national football team to the World Cup that took place in Brazil in 2014, where Big developed icons of Brazilian culture that were applied in the selection shirt.

His most recent solo exhibition, called « blistering », happened in 2015 in Homegrown Gallery, Rio de Janeiro. In this show, the artist exhibited new works created in different media and formats, such as canvas paintings, prints with different techniques and for the first time, his work in ceramics. Everyone involved in the theme of the relationship. Through his art, Bruno Big has a very strong presence on the streets. Like the challenge and the response that the street offers. The search for space to be painted, adaptation to different media and the interaction of people circulating in the streets as it creates, generates an energy that is critical to Big as an artist. Its unique features carry a very strong and remarkable identity. Big Bruno lives in constant study and research, always circulating among the various art media: the academic world, his work as a graphic designer and his free artistic expression.