Antonyo Marest



🖍 Antonyo Marest was born on the Spanish Mediterranean coast in 1987. Its warm waters and blue skies helped instill in him a big part of his optimism, an optimism that has only matured with the experiences he acquired along his travels around the world. In 2013, he established himself in Madrid, where he prompted a creativity that could be applied to any artistic field.

It is necessary to go back to the inter-war period of the last century to trace back the referential origins of Marest’s poetry. In the 20’s and 30’s, parallel to the development of historic vanguards, the trend of Art- Decó was widely influential. This style is characterized by the idea of constructive design, which is enlivened by color and textures. Marest assimilated a big deal of this geometrical thought, being able to circumvent thoroughness and coldness to get into the sensual and vibrant.

On the other hand, one has to jump forward to 80’s Milan and enjoy the revolution that Ettore Sottsass’ Memphis group meant for the art world. Their anti-functionality designs, together with their surprising multi-color patterns, would also have a noticeable impact on Marest’s work. Marest also explored these profound connections between the pattern as a model and the template as a tool which can make a fascinating game of uncountable combinations solely from repetition. Our artist has been carrying out numerous exhibitions in which he has displayed his creativity in spaces ranging from the inside of a museum to the public spaces. In this way, painting, sculpture and installation interact without continuity with murals and other street-art manifestations.

His furniture designs, as well as his clothing, album covers, signage, merchandising, marketing campaigns, customization, interiorism and his graphic, industrial and textile designs can also be highlighted. In this sense, the artist is able to project and adapt his creativity to different types of mediums and supports.

The figures of the flamingo and the palm tree are two noteworthy motifs in his work. With these two elements, the artist even identifies recognizable symbolisms in his own biography. On one hand, the flamingo illustrates the worship to the sun and links in the luminous sense of Marest’s work .In ancient Egypt, flamingos were seen as terrestrial representations of the God Ra. On the other hand, he finds the palm tree as a symbol of resistance to any kind of situation. Marest finds in this characteristic a feature that can be linked to his own life experiences.


🖍 Antonyo Marest, (né en 1987) est un artiste espagnol qui voyage dans le monde entier où il absorbe la culture graphique de l’Amérique centrale jusqu’à l’Europe centrale. Actuellement installé à Madrid afin de montrer sa créativité et son ingéniosité . Il a fait de nombreuses expositions: personnalisation, street art, graffiti, intérieur, graphisme, textile et design industriel. Parmi ses œuvres de création, il y a plusieurs expositions qui vont de musée à la clarté des rues, partageant son art avec le public sous forme de peinture, de sculpture et de photographie. Il est également connu grâce à ses créations de meubles et de vêtements, son album couvertures, affiches, campagnes de marketing et art de rue. Il est le fondateur du projet collectif 11 Art Space.


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